Vision and mission

We want our hotel to be a relaxation oasis, in the true sense of the words, in order to offer an enjoyable, unique atmosphere to our guests, so that they may honour us with their presence yet again. When choosing to evade the dungeon our daily routine and unsourmountable daily tasks, all you have to do is join us at Grand View Hotel & Suites. The spacious elegant rooms, impeccable service, friendly staff and wonderful view drenched in the splendor of nature, will charm you from the very first moment you step foot into our hotel and will persuade you of what an excellent choice you have made for yourself. The hospitality, refinement and seriousness are some of the values we pride ourselves in when it comes to the guest experience.LEARN MORE

Iasi Vacation? 3 times YES

Did you ever thing about coming to Iasi, but never had the chance? Your loss, but there is still time. The City of the 7 Hills is a true piece of art for humans that love beauty, serenity and relaxation. The historical monuments, parks full off bloomed flowers, sidewalks drenched in both children and adults’ happy giggles, and the beauty of the city pouring over the streets are few of the reasons you should place Iasi on your „visit-as-soon-as-possible” list. The nature’s splendor gently hugs every area of the city and the colorful playful harmony turn it into a piece of paradise, where you will enthusiastically want to come back.