We have updated the apartment cleaning procedure with the new rules and recommendations from our supplier ECOLAB;

We trained the housekeeping staff through a rigorous training on how to clean and disinfect the rooms in the current conditions;

The housekeeping staff is equipped with a protective mask and disposable gloves;

Cleaning is done only when guests are not in the room, in order to limit as much as possible the contact of the guests with the hotel staff;

Linen and towels will be changed during the stay only at the request of guests, and the maid will collect the linen and towels with great care that she will put in special bags that will be opened only in the area specially designed for sorting linen;

The room folder will be sanitized after each use of the room;

All remote controls in the apartment will be wrapped and sealed after sanitization, so that the guest can have the guarantee that that object has not been touched by anyone after sanitization;

It is thoroughly sanitized after each use of an apartment: the safe, switches throughout the apartment, taps, door handles, window handles, telephones, tables, chairs and furniture, all sanitary ware in the bathroom;

Cloths and mops are changed after each cleaning of an apartment. It is collected in a closed bag to be disinfected and washed at the end of the day at temperatures above 70°C;

Each maid’s stroller is thoroughly disinfected at the end of the shift;



We installed Plexiglas screens in the reception to limit the interaction of the guest with the receptionist;

We put hand sanitizers at the entrance to the hotel and in the facilities offered;

We have restricted the use of elevators, access being allowed for a maximum of two people if they travel together;

Disinfection in common areas is done with a high frequency depending on the degree of occupancy and traffic in the hotel;

We use for cleaning public spaces and hotel rooms only solutions authorized by the Ministry of Health purchased from our main supplier ECOLAB;

All frequent contact points in the common areas are permanently disinfected with great care by our staff, such as: door handles, elevator buttons, POS and reception equipment are disinfected after each use, switches, tables and armchairs in the lobby, the railing on the staircase, etc.;

All common areas are periodically ventilated.



All hotel staff are trained to apply protection measures against COVID-19 contamination and we constantly ensure that all staff comply with the rules of personal hygiene and social distance to prevent illness with the new virus, both inside the hotel and in the free time outside it;

Reception staff and maids are instructed to act if there is a possibility that one of the hotel’s guests or employees is at risk of being infected with the new virus;

Our receptionists are constantly informed and can ensure guests’ access to official, up-to-date information on travel to and from countries with COVID-19 transmission by regularly consulting the National Institute of Public Health website – www.insp.gov.ro;

Our receptionists will measure the body temperature of each employee when they arrive at the hotel;

All guests will be instructed by the receptionist to disinfect their hands when interacting with the reception staff.



We ask guests to disinfect their hands at the entrance and exit of the hotel and before and after accessing the elevator, using the dispensers with disinfectant provided in the public spaces of the hotel;

Wear a face mask inside the hotel, if you do not have a mask you can request one at the hotel’s reception;

Use the elevator only one person at a time, maximum two when traveling together;

Observe the indications and markings on the reception floor: social distance, hotel entrance and exit corridors;

Do not leave promotional materials or personal items in the hotel lobby (tables or armchairs);

Use the trash can specially designed and signalled for materials with potential contamination if they want to dispose of the protective equipment used (masks, gloves, disposable gowns); this trash can is located in the reception area;

In case of technical malfunctions in the room and the team in the technical department has to intervene, we ask the guests to leave the room while the hotel staff is in the room to repair the defect;


Please IMMEDIATELY notify the hotel reception if you have a fever or show the specific symptoms of infection with the new virus and follow exactly the instructions of the hotel reception and management until the arrival of the medical team.